Myprotein Personal Trainer Sign-Up

By Mr Protein | In News | on June 26, 2014
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Myprotein Personal Trainer Sign-Up


Myprotein runs a sponsorship programme for Sports Professionals that will allow you to earn 8% commission for recommending Myprotein products to your clients and customers. We will also help you by providing you with business cards, competition prizes and more importantly with the help of a 10% off code for new customers that is unique to you and can be applied by them visiting the special portal here (link to PT customer page).

If this sounds right for you then here are the step-by-step guidelines to registering with Myprotein:

Follow the link below to begin the registration process via our partner Affiliate Window:


Page 1:

  • Complete your name, address and password details

Page 2:

  • Input the following promotional details:
  • Primary Region: ‘United Kingdom’
  • Promotional Type: ‘Content’ and then ‘Editorial Content’
  • Check the Radio Button ‘Set as Primary’

Page 3:

  • Enter the name and URL of your website. (This can be a Facebook page or blog).
  • In the description enter ‘Myprotein PT’
  • In Sectors select ‘Retail and Shopping’

Page 4:

  • Do you have an invitation code: Select ‘Yes’
  • Enter invitation code 8434
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Once your application is complete you will receive an email confirmation and then be invited to login to the Affiliate Window platform to start promoting Myprotein. Remember to fill in your payment details on site and request your unique code here (pt@myprotein.com) as well as business cards here. (link to url on site)

For any queries regarding the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at pt@myprotein.com


How do I contact the Myprotein PT team?

Simply email us at our dedicated inbox pt@myprotein.com

Is the program right for me?

The PT program is designed for any sports professional who engages with clients, friends or interested potential customers and rely on word of mouth sales i.e. those not driven directly from a website or social media. We have a scheme for partners who do operate websites and if you feel this program may be more relevant to you simply contact us and we can explain the choices in more detail.

How do I get the most of the PT program?

We want to work in partnership with all our motivated community and reward you for the word of mouth advertising and sales you create. We are here to provide you with up to date with the latest offers, incentives, and news direct from Myprotein HQ but we are also here to listen to your ideas and comments. If you have a good suggestion we will try to reward you plus what’s the worst that could happen?  

How do I add my payment details?

Log in to your account on Affiliate Window and select the ‘Account’ tab. Here you can create or update your payment details.

  • To update your bank account / cheque payment and VAT registry details in your account – click on Settings
  • Click on Payment
  • If you are VAT registered select Yes from the dropdown box – otherwise choose No
  • You will need to provide your VAT registration number and registration date
  • We are unable to pay VAT to businesses not registered in the United Kingdom
  • Select whether you wish to be paid by BACS, cheque or International Wire Transfer and update your details as required
  • Click Update to save your changes
  • All updates take 24 hours to be validated

How often will I get paid?

Please be aware that sales are tracked and validated monthly allowing for a 30 day cancellation and returns policy. Any valid sales that have not been cancelled or returned are eligible for commission and will then be calculated according to the amount of unique code usages from our PT portal. Please be aware sometimes payment can take up to 45 days allowing for sales to be validated and finance payments to be made.

How do I update my contact details?

  • Log in to your affiliate window account. Click on ‘account’ and under settings you will find contact details.
  • Click on the Pencil icon in the Contact box to start editing.
  • Here you can add or change your email address, mobile phone number and instant messenger contact details as you require.
  • Click Update Contact Details to save

For explanation of any further details on your account profile please see the Affiliate Window WIKI resource here http://wiki.affiliatewindow.com/index.php/Creating_a_Publisher_Profile

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