• Top 10 Foods for Bulking

    By Mr Protein | In Articles, Articles, Men's Articles, Nutrition, Nutrition | on October 22, 2014

    Top 10 Foods for Bulking   Oh it is the season to be jolly! …. Christmas? No, not yet… even better, BULKING SEASON! After dieting and getting lean all summer it’s now time to stop starving and start eating! But where should you start?   If you haven’t already read our introductory hardgainers guide and […]

  • Autumn Spiced Protein Granola

    By Mr Protein | In Breakfast, Protein Shortcuts, Recipes | on October 22, 2014

    Autumn Spiced Protein Granola   Autumn Spiced Protein Granola is a great addition you breakfast cupboard! with the health benefits from the omega seed mix and kamut flour along with the slow releasing instant oats and nuts, this is not only a wholesome meal but tastes like winter in a bowl. Oh did I forget […]

  • Top 5 Cyclist Training Tips

    By Mr Protein | In Articles, Men's Articles, Training, Training | on October 21, 2014

      Top 5 Cyclist Training Tips By Myprotein Writer Stephen Gussin: Qualified Personal Trainer and a regular cyclist.     Do you love cycling? Looking to find the top tips for your training? Look no further in this article we’ll let you in on the top 5 cycling training tips!   To be the best […]

  • Heavy Metal Workout Playlist

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      Heavy Metal Workout Playlist   Heavy Metal Gym Playlist       The Warm Up   Statick X- The Only Slipknot- Prelude   The Workout   Sick puppies- You’re going down Five Finger Death Punch- Under And Over It Disturbed- Land of Confusion Lamb of God- redneck Drowning Pool- Bodies Godsmack- Love-hate-Sex-Pain Five Finger […]

  • Quick Protein Bites

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    Quick Protein Bites   Looking for a quick bite to grab on the go before the gym? These quick protein bites are so easy to make and require only four ingredients! What’s more- forget baking, there’s no oven required here!   Ingredients   To get going you’ll need three main ingredients (that are probably already […]

  • Date and Almond Protein Cookies Recipe

    By Mr Protein | In Protein Shortcuts, Recipes | on October 20, 2014

    Date and Almond Protein Cookies   Need a quick energy post? Handy pre workout snack? These soft date and almond protein cookies are super easy to make and will provide you with the ultimate energy and protein release! Perfect for a pre leg day snack or running aid! What’s more, you only need 4  ingredients […]

  • Introduction To Kirk Miller: Ambassador Spotlight   This week we’re releasing an ambassador spotlight with the one and only Kirk Miller. For the next 5 days, we’ll be releasing Kirks new workout regime as he embarks on his journey from fitness model to strong man! Find an introduction to Kirks background, inspirations and his training […]

  • Chocolate Protein Courgette Bread

    By Mr Protein | In Breakfast, Protein Bars | on October 17, 2014

    Chocolate Protein Courgette Bread   Chocolate Protein Courgette Bread is an impressive cake for anyone! Not to mention it has 2g Sugar, 8g Protein and under 110 calories per serving, you can afford to have 2 slices!   You will need:   Strong Wholemeal Flour, 250g Cocoa – Dry powder, unsweetened, 70g Eggs – 3 […]