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At Myprotein we are always aiming to produce innovative, forward-thinking products with applications for everyday living, health and well being, and for improving individual training goals. This perspicacious approach has allowed us to create a number of amazing new products. We will keep you updated on all of our new products here, so keep coming back to be the first to experience our latest innovations!

Protein Coffee – Latte / Mocha

Protein Coffees come in two fantastic flavours which include mocha and latte for an instant, great tasting warm drink. Each serving will provide 15g of protein sourced from Milk Protein Concentrate, PeptoPro® and Micellar Casein to provide a slow releasing source of protein which will contribute to the growth and maintenance of lean mass. In addition to this, each serving contains 10% of real coffee which will provide a natural coffee taste and a small amount of caffeine (80mg per serving).


Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie is one of the latest innovations to hit the market, and is an ideal shake for anyone who struggles to consume a healthy breakfast. This unique product includes a combination of whey protein isolate and concentrate, a greens blend to help increase vitamin and mineral intake, and a grains blend for dietary fibre. Each serving also provides 75mg of caffeine and includes natural strawberry and banana flavours as well as natural fruit pieces to offer a great tasting, natural shake.

Breakfast smoothie

Protein Hot Chocolate

Protein Hot Chocolate is one of Myprotein’s latest additions to the new innovative products. It provides a unique protein blend coming from milk-based protein to ensure a steady release of protein into the muscle. This makes the product extremely effective for an evening source of protein or to consume on rest days to help the recovery and repair of lean muscle mass. Protein Hot Chocolate also provides natural chocolate flavouring to deliver one of the greatest hot chocolate drinks available as well as it containing over 15g of protein.

Protein Hot Chocolate

Protein Porridge

Protein Porridge is one of Myprotein’s latest innovations and is ideal for anyone who is looking for a high protein and nutritious breakfast. Each serving will provide over 13g of protein sourced from whey protein concentrate, as well as providing low GI (glycaemic index) rolled oats which will help provide a steady energy release across the morning. These are individually packaged making them highly convenient to consume when at home or on the go.

Protein Porridge

Protein Soup

Protein Soup is one of Myprotein’s latest innovations and is a unique product on the market. Protein Soup is a high protein warm soup that is also low in sugar and fat. Protein Soups come in 4 fantastic flavours including Thai Green Curry, Mediterranean Tomato, Chicken and Beef. Each 50g serving is individually packaged for convenience meaning they can be consumed whenever, whether it’s on the go, at home or at work.

Protein Soup

Whey Pro Peptides

Whey Pro Peptides is a unique combination of whey protein concentrate and BCAA Peptides to offer an enhanced muscle protein synthesis response. Each serving provides over 19g of protein and can be used pre or post workout to enhance recovery, or throughout the day to increase daily protein intake.

WheyPro-Peptides-Infographic NEW-FINAL-rgb-v3


CarniPro is 100% beef protein sourced from bovine and Myprotein are one of the first in Europe to stock this. Each serving provides 22g of protein and has a comprehensive amino acid profile being high in the essential amino acids (EAA’s). CarniPro is a fantastic choice of protein to increase daily protein intake.

CarniPro Infographic NEW-FINAL

Hydro Extreme

Hydro Extreme is a form of hydrolysed protein and has one of the highest degree of hydrolysis found on the market today! This high degree of hydrolysis will help to increase the digestion of protein and therefore, will have an advanced release into the working muscles. This improved release will help to rapidly repair the muscle after a bout of exercise.

Hydro Extreme


Spectrum:12 is a premium supplement range which includes Spectrum:12 Gainer, Spectrum:12 Recovery and Spectrum:12 Protein. Each product contains 12 different sources of protein ranging from egg protein to casein and whey. This offers a comprehensive amino acid profile as well as providing a sustained protein release following exercise. Each product also comes in a variety of great tasting flavours as well as providing all the essential ingredients to help optimise muscle recovery and support the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Spectrum-12-Gainer-Infographic Spectrum-12-Recovery-Infographic Spectrum-12-Protein-Infographic