• Summer Gym Playlist

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    Back to Summer Gym Playlist   Have you got that summer time sadness? Whether you’ve been enjoying the amazing UK weather this year, or you’ve been sunning yourself in Ibiza the end of summer has hit us all hard! But stop being so depressed, it’s time to get back to the gym and time get […]

  • Exercises For Lower Back Pain

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    Exercises For Lower Back Pain By Myprotein Writer Christopher Tack:  Lead clinician and owner of All Powers Rehabilitation & Conditioning Combat Sports Physiotherapy service, and works for Guys & St Thomas Hospital Private Physiotherapy Service in London.   If you internet search for “the best exercises for lower back pain” you get 43,900,000 hits! This article […]

  • How to Make the Perfect Post Workout Shake   You’ve just finished a MEGA workout, your hot, you’re tired and you’re sweaty… the first thing you feel like doing is definitely having a shower! But wait- What about your post workout nutrition? And before you say- “I haven’t got time… I’ll eat later”… I DON’T […]

  • R&B Workout Playlist

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    Spotify R&B Workout Playlist   This week we’re helping to fuel your workout and build up some Monday motivation with these R&B Workout Playlist ‘s… so now there’s no excuses! You’ll never regret saying yes to a workout, but you will always regret saying no!   Gym Playlist     The Warm Up Kanye West, Jay […]

  • Workout Playlist: House

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    Spotify Workout Playlist   Getting the best out of your workout sometimes requires more than just the right supplementation! To get the ultimate motivation Myprotein can give you a helping handing with some of our specially designed workout playlists!   This week get motivated with our house themed music selection! Each week we’ll update the […]

  • How To Make A Diet Plan   If you’ve read some of our previous articles you’ve got the basics and now we’re into the really tricky stuff- your diet!   First thing to get into your mind is temporary diets do NOT work. You’ve heard of them all, the Atkins diet, the cabbage soup diet, […]

  • Know Your Body Shape   The Essential Beginners Workout Knowledge   You’ve wanted to start your transformational journey for quite some time now, and either: you’ve tried… and failed, or you don’t even know where to start! Well here at Myprotein we are here, not only to fuel your ambition but also to start you […]

  • Weight Training Basics

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    Weight Training Basics   Sometimes gym terminology can be hard to get your head around- especially if you’re just beginning your fitness journey! “Super Set this” … “HIIT that”… it’s no wonder you take one look at the meat heads and chose to take shelter by the cross trainers! Here at Myprotein we’re here to introduce […]