Men’s Training

  •   “I was born & bred in Plymouth, Devon & applied to join the Royal Marines when I was 16 years old straight after leaving school. I was fortunate enough to be accepted & start training at 17 and by the time I had turned 18 I had passed my training & earned the right to wear the coveted […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer Simon Byrne   Let’s be honest, the reason a lot of men start training initially is to build sleeve-ripping upper arms. It’s almost guaranteed that the first time you picked up a dumbbell your instinctual reaction was to curl it. There is a certain fascination men have with building bulging biceps….however, a […]

  • Build Boulder Shoulders with The Harrison Twins

    By Ashley Wilson | In Men's Training | on April 10, 2015

      “With every exercise in the session the one thing we will be concentrating on is the negative rep and time under tension. We want to aim for anything between 2 to 4 seconds in the negative part of the movement. This will allow us to tear as many muscle fibres as possible during the […]

  • Set Trends | Sportswear To Optimise Your Performance

    By Ashley Wilson | In Men's Training | on April 9, 2015

      Dominate in the gym whilst looking great doing it with our new optimised performance clothing range! Whatever the look you prefer in the gym, a stringer vest, tight t-shirt, compression pants, long sleeve top or a hooded sweatshirt, here at Myprotein we are creating the ultimate kit bag with the largest selection of both […]


    By MR PROTEIN | In Men's Training, The Backroom | on February 16, 2015

      STEVE HAINES   Steve Haines is the Head of Strength and Conditioning at Derby County Football Club. Steve is proud to contribute to Myprotein’s ‘The Backroom’ series, giving you unparalleled access to the experts of elite sport in the UK.     To provide effective training for our players here at Derby County Football Club, […]

  • By Myprotein Writer Callum Loundes The chest muscles, (Pectoralis major) are arguably the favourite body part to train for most weightlifters in the gym. As well as adding overall ‘fullness’ to the upper body, the chest muscles also contribute to stabilisation of the shoulder joint – this is crucial to maintain a healthy posture! However, […]


    By MR PROTEIN | In Men's Training | on January 22, 2015

    By Myprotein Writer Callum Loundes   Revealing the science behind the lats… a simple but effective understanding of why and how you can train right to achieve a full, wide back. The lats, (Latissimus dorsi) are the largest muscles on the back. They provide the V-taper physique that everyone desires; taking an average physique, to a […]

  • Pectoral Exercises: Advanced Pec Exercise Tips

    By Mr Protein | In Men's Training, Training | on January 16, 2015

       By Myprotein Writer Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay   For advanced, I mean those guys who have been lifting for more than one year. Now you understand what workout affects what part. And if you didn’t already you should now.     Since you have been working out for 1 year now, you might be able to […]

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