• Ask the Myprotein Coach   Are you unsure about your lifting technique? Do you need help with your diet plan? Whatever your query ‘ASK THE MYPROTEIN COACH’! We understand that choosing the right training programme and diet plan can be tough, so we wanted to share our knowledge and help you on the path to […]

  • When you exercise, a thousand biochemical reactions are taking place inside your body. Glycogen is taken from the inside of muscle cells and broken down into glucose and enters your bloodstream which carries into the mitochondria. Enzymes come into action and start to break down stored fat into fatty acids and glycerol to be used […]

  • Q&A Interview with Terry Hollands

    By Mr Protein | In Articles, Mens, Social, Training | on February 25, 2014

    Question and Answers   We recently caught up with Myprotein ambassador Terry Hollands for a Facebook Q&A, read on for more.   Q: Alan McLean: How many meals do you eat a day when in training for competitions? And would you recommend the ZMA supplement for before sleep? A: Terry Hollands: I try to eat every […]

  • Q&A Interview with Kirk Miller

    By Mr Protein | In Mens, Social, Training, Training | on February 24, 2014

      We recently caught up with Myprotein ambassador and fitness model, Kirk Miller for a live Q&A on our Facebook page ahead of the launch of his Hero Sessions 6 Week plan.   Q. Alex Pickering: What are your Best tips for lower abs definition? Any specific exercises or just diet? A. Kirk Miller:  Alex […]

  • Introduction ENER:GEL + Nitrate are the hottest addition to the range of energy gels at Myprotein and the science behind this product are clear to say the least. Nitrate has most recently been associated with greater energy efficiency during exercise and increased time to exhaustion and each gel is designed to provide you with the […]

  • Sports Supplements

    By Mr Protein | In Articles, Nutrition, Supplementation Articles, Supplements | on February 12, 2014

      Why Use Sport Supplements?   The use of sports supplements is continually growing, yet many people are still questioning the use of these and the importance to athletic performance or helping an individual to achieve specific training goals. It can also be confusing and misleading on which products are best suited for your specific […]

  • Simeon Panda

    By Mr Protein | In Ambassadors | on January 27, 2014

    The ferocity of a power lifter with arguably one of the most aesthetically impressive natural physiques in the world, Musclemania Pro Natural Bodybuilder Simeon Panda is cut from a different cloth. Simeon started weightlifting at the age of 16, jump over a decade of consistent training with no gaps, clean eating, congruous supplementation, a wealth […]

  • Shake it up!!

    By Mr Protein | In Social, Social | on January 6, 2014

    Shake it Up Competition   Get your creative juices flowing with Myprotein’s Shake it Up recipe competition! We’re looking for you to send us your most innovative, healthy protein shakes and smoothie recipes. Use your favorite Myprotein products to come up with some of you very own taste sensations. The most inventive and tastiest recipe […]