Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

Don’t just be a number be number one

Tom has always had a passion for bodybuilding, fitness and sports. From an early age he has competed at an elite level in sports such as football, swimming, basketball and athletics, but could never land one specific interest – until the moment he found the gym.

Tom suffered a setback when diagnosed with meningitis at the age 17 and was in hospital for 10 days weighing a mere 7.5 stone when discharged. This setback provided the catalyst that made him determined to get bigger. At that time though training had to take a backseat to his university work and basketball commitments, but in October 2012 Tom visited the ‘Sportexfestival’  in Manchester and decided then to sell his beloved car and make a go at being a fitness model/ physique competitor.

As a child and still to this date Tom is very competitive and hates settling for second best and pushes his body to new levels each week with his training.


Tom’s Training


Tom is always researching, reading fitness articles and watching videos in order to learn new ways to push his body to its limits. He is always open to new methods and is always willing to give anything a try being a firm believer in trial and error and finding out what works best for your body. His philosophy is that everyone is different and what works for one athlete does not necessarily work for everyone.


Tom’s Goals and Dreams

Tom has big dreams to be one of the best fitness models and physique competitors in the industry. He wants his journey to inspire others to gain the confidence to reach their goals. Tom is currently training for shows hoping to one day compete on the Mr. Olympia stage, in the physique class representing the UK and Myprotein. But he knows that he is going to have to put in a lot of hard work to reach this, but recognises that with such a great team behind him anything is possible.


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