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St. Helens Rugby League Football Club, nicknamed The Saints, is one of theoldest, and most successful members of the Rugby Football League. Founded as St.Helens Football Club on 19 November 1873 at the Fleece Hotel by William Douglas Herman, they played their first ever match on 31 January 1874 against Liverpool Royal Infirmary.


League champions on 12 occasions and runners up 12 times, their most recent success came when they won the 2008 Challenge Cup,  retaining the cup for a third successive year by defeating Hull 28-16 at Wembley Stadium. They last won the Super League title in the 2006 Super League Grand Final, again defeating Hull and have won the League Leader’s Shield an unprecedented 4 consecutive times in Super League-between Super League X and Super League XIII.


Personal Nutrition

We place a very high emphasis on quality nutrition. All of the players at the club have nutrition lectures with all of the first team squad having access to individualised nutrition, guidance and support. Quality nutrition and supplementation is vital in optimising training time and performance. We only use supplements that give us results and Myprotein provide this.


Products Used

We use a vast range of Myprotein products such as Recovery XS for post conditioning and games, Impact Whey Protein/Hurricane XS® for pre and post gym sessions and depending on individual requirements we also use: Creatine, Exceed, multi vitamins, fish oils, Glucosamine, Carb gels and Pulse® V4.


Key Insight

We view nutrition as a key factor in the preparation and professionalism of our athletes. The ongoing education and commitment of the players reinforces our high regard for this area.