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Burnley Football Club, also known as the Clarets, were founder members of The Football League in 1888 and currently compete in the NPower Championship.

Burnley have been crowned champions of the Football League on two occasions, in 1920-21 and 1959-60. In the 1920-21 season, the club amassed an impressive unbeaten league run of 30 games on their journey to the league title. The Clarets were also deserving winners of the FA Cup in 1914 after they defeated Liverpool 1-0 in the final at Crystal Palace. Their success hasn’t just been limited to domestic competitions as they also reached the Quarter Final Stage of the European Cup in 1961. Burnley are also one of only three teams who have won the championship in each of the top four tiers in English football.


Nutritional Strategy

“Our Nutrition and Hydration Strategies play a significant role in both the recovery from and preparation for competitive games. These strategies help us achieve our main objectives of having healthy football players that are available to train and play at a consistently high level that Championship football demands.

We use a variety of Myprotein products depending on the individual player, the timing and type of nutrition that is required. The players will add some omega mix and selection of myprotein nuts to fruit and yoghurt to create a great snack in addition to grazing on the dried mango, coconut slices, blueberries and cranberries which give the lads a natural antioxidant boost.

In addition to the real foods, the players will take Recovery XS protein carb shake post match to maximise the first 20 minute recovery window of opportunity. This will be followed with a continuation of hydration and food on the coach. At this time the players (that have played!) can afford to take on additional calories and treat themselves to a delicious Protein Muffin with their meal.

In preparation for the next game, we will take pre:pare in the hour before the game which gets the right amount of carbohydrate complimented with some proteins. We also supplement this with 200mg additional Myprotein Caffeine for some players to get them focused and ready to play.

In summary, the importance of nutrition must not be underestimated. In a highly competitive season where the physical requirement in the Championship (Highlighted by Prozone stats; August 2013) appears to have increased yet again it is imperative that we do all we can to educate and support the players with optimal nutrition and the relationship we have with Myprotein helps us to do that.”

Mark Howard

Head of Sports Science (Burnley FC)


Products Used
The club use a selection of Myprotein products throughout the year to support energy and recovery. Products include Recovery XS, True Whey, High Pro Bars, Protein Cookies, Protein Muffins, ONE Promilk