Burnley FC

Burnley FC



Burnley FC was one of the founder-members of the Football League in 1888, and their famous home ground of Turf Moor precedes even that notable date. Born out of a rugby union club in 1882, the Clarets have a long and illustrious history in association football. Their first season in the Football League proved difficult with a 17-game winless streak; however it did bring their first silverware in the form of the Lancashire Cup with a 2-0 win over local rivals Blackburn.

This proved to be a spark for the club, and an FA Cup victory in 1914 pre-empted two Division One titles in 1920-21 and 1959-60, and trips to Europe in the Fairs Cup followed in the 1960s. The club went through hard times, and narrowly avoided oblivion in the form of relegation from Division Four with a last-day win in 1987. In the process of recovering from this, Burnley became one of only 3 teams to have won all four tiers of the English game.


In 2009, Burnley gained Premier League status for the first time; in so-doing becoming the smallest town to have a team in the league. In an admirable stand, they took the scalps of clubs such as Manchester United and Everton at home, although returned to the Championship the following season.

The Clarets are now back in the world’s biggest league and here at MyProtein we’re thrilled to be supporting them in this amazing challenge. MyProtein are the official sports nutrition supplier to Burnley FC and are determined to fuel them to success in the Premier League.



Mark Howard – Burnley FC, Head of Sports Science

“At Burnley FC we believe that a healthy, balanced diet, complimented with a high quality supplementation plan is vital for the team to sustain a high level of performance throughout a demanding and highly competitive season.

Myprotein covers all the bases and we use a variety of MP products depending on the individual player, the timing and type of nutrition that is required. The extensive product range they have allows us to provide the appropriate add-ons that we deem necessary to support the players’ requirements as elite professional athletes.

The players will add some omega mix and selection of Myprotein nuts to fruit and yoghurt to create a great snack in addition to grazing on the dried mango, coconut slices, blueberries and cranberries which give the lads a natural antioxidant boost.

In preparation for a game, we will take Pre:pare in the hour before kick-off, which gets the right amount of carbohydrate complimented with some proteins. We also supplement this with 200mg additional Myprotein Caffeine for some players to get them focused and ready to play.

Post-game, the players will take Recovery XS protein carb shake post match to maximise the first 20 minute recovery window of opportunity. This will be followed with a continuation of hydration and food on the coach. At this time the players (that have played!) can afford to take on additional calories and treat themselves to a delicious Myprotein Toffee Fudge or Chocolate Chip Protein Muffin with their meal.

The importance of nutrition must not be underestimated. In a highly competitive season it is imperative that we do all we can to educate and support the players with optimal nutrition and the relationship we have with Myprotein helps us to do that.”