Benedikt Magnusson

Benedikt Magnusson

Quite simply – the best deadlifter in the World!

Benedikt, also known as ‘Benni’, holds the deadlift world record with a massive 1015lbs. Benedikt, who now also competes in Strongman competitions is also the WPO powerlifting world record holder for the deadlift with 445kg. Benedikt has previously been crowned Iceland’s Strongest Man and Iceland’s Strongest Viking as well as finishing in 5th in the Arnold Strongman Classic on two occasions.


Powerlifting Competition Records:

Done in official powerlifting full meets:

Squat – 837.7 lbs (380 kg) raw with wraps
Bench press – 485 lbs (220 kg) raw
Deadlift – 1015 lbs (460 kg)[6] raw
Total = 2298.3 lbs (837.7/485/975.5) / 1042.5 kg (380/220/442.5)[7] raw with wraps

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