Anna Virmajoki

Anna Virmajoki

"To be extraordinary, you can´t live like the ordinary"

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Anna Virmajoki is the very first Scandinavian IFBB Pro league Bikini Pro competitor with competitive history spanning 6 years. She won almost every amateur show she entered and also made history by being the very first Finnish Bikini competitor to receive an invite to compete at the famous Bikini International. Thanks to her win at the 2013 Nordic Pro show, she was the first Finnish bikini competitor to compete in Bikini Olympia.

Anna discovered the world of fitness when I was in high school. At first she did aerobics classes, and little by little after she gained more confidence she moved to the weights room.

Anna remembers flipping through a fitness magazine and thinking that “One day I want to look like these girls!”  She started competing back in 2008 when she was living in Canada. After 2 competition victories in local shows, she moved back to Helsinki Finland and started competing with the IFBB in 2011.


Competitive history with IFBB


EVLS Prague Pro 2nd
Bikini Olympia
Nordic Pro Bikini 1st
Bikini International


EVLS Prague Pro 2nd
World Champion +168cm
Overall Finnish National Champion
European Champion +168cm
Fitness Classic 1st
Arnold Amateur +168cm 3rd


Overall Finnish National Champion
Lappeenranta Bikini 1st