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Palatinose™ is the only low glycemic carbohydrate providing longer lasting energy in the form of glucose. Palatinose™ is an ideal alternative to dextrose, glucose, maltodextrin and other highly digestible and highly fermentable carbohydrates.

What makes Palatinose™ the perfect carbohydrate?

  • It Does NOT create blood glucose level spikes (low glycemic index).
  • It is twice as sweet as sugar, but causes no tooth decay.
  • It is heat stable so can be used in baking and cooking.
  • When consumed in large amounts it doesn't cause any stomach discomfort. Promotes a healthier and stronger body.
  • It provides natural energy that lasts longer.

With its slow but complete absorption and hydrolysis, Palatinose™ provides a constant and extended stream of energy that lasts over a longer period of time compared to quickly absorbed carbohydrates. It’s low glycemic index (only 32 G.I.) helps prevents peaks and lows in blood sugar promoting a greater feeling of fullness to reduce snacking and overeating.

You can read the Palatinose™ brochure here.

1 x level MP Plastic Scoop (large) weighs 60g. (not included).

Product Reviews - 21 reviews

Will buy again

- (12 / Aug / 2013)


Great service - this Palatinose was delivered quickly. The powder generally mixes very well with water (I haven't tried with juice yet). Once mixed, the drink tastes sweet as described. I was surprised at just how sweet it tastes, but I quickly got used to this and enjoy it. This is a low GI carb and releases energy slowly without causing an insulin spike. It's therefore brilliant for carbing up before a workout as it doesn't make you feel groggy or sluggish. The high calories combined with slow release carbs help provide energy throughout your workout, without feeling depleted prematurely. I can therefore therefore exert myself to the full, set after set. It's brilliant! The amount you get for the price is nothing short of fantastic too!

Goes Well With:

Water - haven't tried juice yet.


- (03 / Jun / 2013)


Platinose, a special sugar cannot give allergic reaction as it is a carb, not a protein! Use Palatinose for my long distance performances (70.3 tri). Works well and during exercise, I like the taste as it is not so sweet. And I add lots of it to my drinking bottles. never had a side effect.


- (14 / Feb / 2013)


Reading about this there is a report that you should not consume more than 60 grams of Palatinose in one serving or it can cause diarrhea. So if you are having problems it could be because the scoop for this product is right at the borderline for this. Try halving the dose then working your way up to avoid stomach issues.


- (05 / Feb / 2013)


Having read the other reviews I can say that I too suffered an allergic reaction to Palatinose. I had rashes on my forehead and other parts of the body with low level itching.

- (08 / Mar / 2012)


This is the perfect carb source for my para-workout nutrition. Delighted that myprotein sell it.

- (27 / Sep / 2011)


I suffered an allergic reaction to this product and due to its slow release it lasted from 6 in the morning right the way through to 11 at night. It certainly seems to do what it says and i did read up on it before buying it but nowhere said it was something you could be allergic to. I am not someone who is allergic to anything and this is the first product ever. As with most products on this site the value is great and the service is fantastic just a shame this product did not agree with me.

- (30 / Jun / 2010)


"Having more than 1 scoop gives me the serious runs. Other than that, it seems to do the trick. Gives unflavoured Impact Whey Protein a vile taste, as does it just regular water. I recommend taking it with juice."

- (08 / Apr / 2010)


I have found it works very well mixed with vitargo

- (11 / Feb / 2010)


"Gives me the extra fuel I need to grow and tastes great! one of my essential supplements. here's a tip, use the code mp 199005 to get an extra 10% off your order."

- (14 / Jan / 2010)


use it everyday in my shakes but find if i try to have more than 1 to 1 and half scoops it really upsets my stomach. apart from that its great

- (17 / Jun / 2009)


"I have been looking for an alternative to Maltodextrin and other carb drinks. Was quite excited about this product. When I received it, it was just too sweet. I have had several of these now, always mixed with my whey isolate, and it is hard to take. Although, the product description states half as sweet as sugar, it is still just that. Sweet."

- (02 / Sep / 2008)


"I find this an excellent pre-workout drink and good for recover. Helps me get past those two zombie hours after going to the gym at lunch. I put on the a bit of fat while using it though. Not sure if it was the drink, but the message is just to be aware that it is sugar, even if it is slow burning. As other reviewers have mentioned, it takes a while to dissolve in water. If the water is warm its pretty much immediate. And don't mix with carbonated drinks - kaboom!"

- (22 / Aug / 2008)


"I would recommend this to anyone who buys those 'weight gainers' supplements. Most of them are over priced crap! Its whey protein and Maltodextin (very cheap source of carbs). Of course technically Maltodextin is a 'complex carb' so when you look on the back of the tub of these weight gain products, it will say for example ( total carbs 100g of which sugars 0g ). This makes the product look a lot better than it actually is, because as most will know, Maltodextrin has the same effect as Glucose, which has a GI score of 100. I would recommend you buy your protein and then 'Palatinose' ( GI of just 32 ) separate and mix the two to make your very own 'weight gain' shake! Will work out a lot cheaper two. Also great on its own for pre, post and during workouts! GOOD STUFF MP!"

- (16 / Aug / 2008)


"tried this for the first time and can say its the most versatile energy product , I use it in cooking , in my tea , and before workout 50 - 100g does the trick nicely !\n\nmy recovery times are a little better too now !\n\nGreat Stuff !!\n"

- (26 / Jun / 2008)


Fantastic way of adding carbs and satisfying a sweet tooth but by keeping the GI low allowing for regular intake as opposed to only pre and post w/o.\n\nTastes like sugar in that you will normally have 5 grams of sugar but 100 of this so in some respects it is even sweeter. Mixes fine if you leave it for a while to dissolve but you can drink it straight away just fine.

- (20 / May / 2008)


I use Palatinose during the day with my shakes just to increase my carbohydrate intake. Its mixability is the only downside as it can be quite gritty like sugar. It is however very sweet but slowly releases energy!

- (12 / May / 2008)


"As someone with a really sweet tooth does anyone else have any recipes using Palatinose that would help me reaching for the KitKats?\n\nAlso, the site says mixx 100g with water for a drink, that sounds a lot to me, and it doesn't say how much water to use, what does everyone else do? Can i mix it with some creatine to drink during my workout?"

- (23 / Mar / 2008)


"I take this before and during my weights workout. Previously I would be hungry about one hour into my session, but this keeps my hunger at bay so that I can continue training hard. Have yet to try cooking with it..."

- (28 / Feb / 2008)


"Great stuff! Today made oat cup cakes using this instead of sugar.\nRecipe: 85g margerine, 85g palatinose, 115g scottish oats (add self raising flour ratio 2 oat:1 flour) for a lighter cake, 2 eggs.\n\nNot sweet cakes like the usual but do taste good! If you want a sweeter option you can brush a small amount of clear honey on top.\n\nGoing to try a few more similar recipies now :)"

- (07 / Feb / 2008)


"As a carbohydrate this is perfect. I use it to increase carbohydrate intake throughout the day, before w/o and post w/o"

- (04 / Feb / 2008)


tried this for the first time great carbs pre workout i found 50 grams a good kick worth a tr.

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