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Methoxy Isoflavone



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Methoxy is a natural and effective supplement with powerful tissue building effect and none of the unpleasant and dangerous side effects associated with lesser supplements.

The main goal for many is to increase lean mass and improve definition. Methoxy-isoflavone has been shown to offer benefits towards both of these goals when combined with a high protein diet and hard training.

Methoxy-isoflavone is one of the flavonoid group of chemicals, and as such it offers a strong anti-oxidant effect in the body. However, the main areas of research which have been followed with regard to Methoxy-isoflavone have been in pursuit of its benefits as a bodybuilding supplement.

The main benefit of Methoxy-isoflavone is in its ability to boost the amount of lean mass in the body thanks to the way in which it increases protein synthesis throughout the body. This means that when users of the supplement eat a high protein diet they are able to process the nutrients more efficiently and get more benefit from their diet.

In various tests carried out over recent years, methoxy-isoflavone has been shown to have a number of benefits when administered as part of a diet, including increased mass, higher bone density, and higher levels of endurance. These three key benefits, coupled with its lack of side effects mean that Methoxy-isoflavone is quickly becoming an incredibly popular supplement for people who want to enjoy major physical gains.

Product Reviews - 40 reviews

methoxy tabs

- (13 / Jan / 2014)


only just started taking them but feel slimmer already round stomach area maybe wishfull thinking bit early to tell yet thanks neil.

Goes Well With:

huricane xs and cardio.

- (24 / Sep / 2013)


The Methoxy Isoflavone helps with strength. It's a little bit expensive and you need to take more than the recommended amount.

Goes Well With:

Creatine and whey.

methoxy isoflavone

- (20 / Sep / 2013)


I give this Methoxy Isoflavone 10/10 for effectiveness and value for money, and really did find this the supplement of 2013! However I did have to work out the best way of using methoxy, as the first attempt I lost serious weight taken with a fast protein. By using a slow release protein and by taking 1 cap 3 times a day as research suggests (450mg) I gained 8lbs of lean muscle in just over 3 weeks, and I was getting comments on how well I looked, not to mention pretty reasonable strength gains! Methoxy does seem to be a product that will work well for you or do absolutely nothing at all.

Goes Well With:

any good slow release protein

Seemed to work

- (16 / Jul / 2013)


It's been a while since I used this but I don't think I reviewed it so I will now. It seems to work. I hadn't seen my personal trainer for a few weeks and as I was chatting to him, he asking if I'd been doing gear! That kind of suggests there was a boost in my muscle growth. That said, it was also delivered with a fresh bag of Whey Protein and Creatine so it could have been an increased intake of protein and creatine that really made the difference and in fairness whatever effect they do have, they're not going to do much for muscle growth without the building blocks for muscle growth. They are tiny little capsules which are easy to get down your neck. One criticism is that of the three bottles I've had, each has had a dud cap in it that was empty.


- (08 / Jul / 2013)


Methoxy Isoflavone is very good, but needs a lot of protein.

Methoxy Isoflavone

- (31 / Mar / 2013)


I had no gains in weight, no aggression and no focus boost with Methoxy Isoflavone.

Upto you really...

- (14 / Feb / 2013)


I got a tub of these Methoxy Isoflavone as they were reduced and having read many mixed opinions, I thought I had nothing to lose. I took two with breakfast and either one pre-bed or straight after workout. All I can say is what happened to me over the period I was taking these. I gained a good few pounds having been stuck at the same weight for a while. I felt hungrier quicker and felt like I needed more fluid. I don't know the science but I will try these again in the near future.

- (20 / Jul / 2011)


"This product has worked very well with me. Taking 1 in the morning and 2 before workout made the tub last a little longer. Might try 2 then 2 next tub. Worked very well with CEE and BCAA+. Ive lost weight, focus and drive increase has been noticed. Must recommend!!! I do take plenty of supps with it"

- (20 / Apr / 2011)


"Did nothing for me at all. Don't know what all the hype is about, used the full dose and even exceeded it but had no effect. Maybe it just didn't work for me but Im combining it with Tribulous Pro and still did not see any effects.."

- (14 / Apr / 2011)


Used all of it. Even increased doses but it never affected me at all. didn't see gains and didn't feel a difference. Maybe it works for other since there are like another 30 reviews here but didn't do anything for me.

- (23 / Jun / 2010)


"Very expensive but effective... I took this with other stuff and I certainly gained, felt fuller and I rapidly gained lean mass... I have been off it for about a week now and i haven't changed my diet, training or basic supplementation, but it seems that im not gaining as much as when I was on other things.... Overall, methoxy increased protein synthesis by a noticeable amount, and as a result i did gain lean mass... But again, it is a very expensive at £30 but it does work! Dosage: 1 methoxy cap with breakfast 1 cap pre work out 1 cap with protein shake in the evening 1 cap with protein shake in the evening. This dosage did work for me. "

- (31 / May / 2010)


This supp did nothing for me. I gained a little weight but i simply attribute this to increased protein and carbs which i upped when taking the methoxy.

- (04 / May / 2010)


"this product has done exactly nothing...i bought 2 tubs initially, but eventually i threw the second one away, because it didn't work, and i had stomach aches from it. i will just stick to old school protein bcaa creatine ."

- (27 / Apr / 2010)


"Have used this product for about 2 weeks now and it does work. More definition, hardness and endurance in the gym. Im also using MP's True Whey and nano vapor as a pre-workout supp."

- (22 / Apr / 2010)


This product well and truly works. Strength and size increased every week. Worked particularly when taken with creatine ethyl ester.\n\nFor the price of this product I reccommend that everyone who is serious about weight training needs to be taking it.

- (28 / Mar / 2010)


"Been using this 4 weeks and along with my high protein diet it seems to work, but i feel it may be a product that without a strict schedule and diet its effects will be lost"

- (07 / Jan / 2010)


"Tried these a while back, taking two capsules, twice a day. They definitely seemed to help as i put on about half a stone over 4 weeks without really changing my diet. Definitely felt stronger too."

- (17 / Nov / 2009)


"Been taking it for a few days now and every time i take a dose it causes extremely bad stomach pain, which means i'm unable to do a workout. So probably just better not having it and being able to go and train instead!"

- (11 / Aug / 2009)


"Been on these 2 weeks now. \nSeem to be lifting more weight every gym session. And recovering very fast.\nBut that might not necessarily be from these as i've been making good gains anyway, but well worth a try!"

- (04 / Aug / 2009)


just started taking these 5 days ago not noticed any strength gains yet but am feelin more energetic towards the gym and my recovery time is really quick also intensity as shot right up. feelin more pumped and harder dnt expect a mircle you still have to bust ur ass in the gym.

- (01 / Aug / 2009)


"Hi, I have recently stopped going to the gym as the credit crunch has well and truly hit! \n\nAnyway i was wondering if this would be worth buyin if i am doing alot of press ups and sit ups at home? so far i am doing 80 press ups and 40 sit ups every other day, \n\nalso i was wonderin can any1 recommend any other exercises i could do from home that could help me? \n\nI am a hard gainer so i am going to buy the weight gainer protein/carb shake anyway but all in all i am asking for help when it comes to supplements in general and if they are worth me taking if i am not going to the gym? I will stop bangin on now\n\nThanks\n\nAaron"

- (02 / Jul / 2009)


"Not ordered these yet but was wondering what this would do to my skin? Im 18 years old and have used several testo products and all of them made my skin awful, although sor good gains which boosted my ego in tht department but reallly damaged it wen i sor tht my skin was very spotty. Will this do the same or will it be ok?????"

- (21 / May / 2009)


This might as well be a placebo

- (01 / May / 2009)


"i ve now took leucine, and methoxy for 3 weeks. leucine at breakfast then leucine post work out. I am pumped and hard have gained an inch arms and chest and am solid all over!!!!! Methoxy ups the tempo, my test levels leapt. My lifting capacity soared great stuff. can i have more."

- (28 / Apr / 2009)


This is great value for money. It really does work use with zinc if you can. Also if you hit a lfat stop try bundling it with M.

- (30 / Mar / 2009)


Been taking this for around 3 months now (had a few weeks off during) and I still love the stuff.\nI've taken it 3 times aday around meal times with good gains and now I take 2tabs 2 times a day usually at breakfast and before training (or at dinner time on non-training days) with even better gains.\nEssential that you have a good clean diet with this.

- (17 / Mar / 2009)


Very effective product.It has put on quite a noticable of thickness around my chest bcak and shoulders. Cant rate it enough.\nmike mc

- (16 / Mar / 2009)


"Mr S. Howard\n\nHi, you asked if you need to take them on a non training day. The answer is yes. I use these and i take 1 tablet 3 times a day on training days and non training days. Thanks, Ste"

- (06 / Mar / 2009)


"can any1 help me, ive just ad these methoxy tablets deliverd n im nu to them and im wonderin do u have to take um everyday even if u dnt work out n if u do how many u take on an none workout day."

- (02 / Mar / 2009)


"Very good stuff, Very cheap as well, Other sites charge £40 for this stuff. Excellent results too :o)"

- (04 / Feb / 2009)


this stuff is amazing however very expensive for the actual weight of the product unusual for mp hopefully soon they may offer greater quantities

- (25 / Jan / 2009)


"Been on this stuff for about 3 weeks now, been taking it with Trib Pro + Cee.\nI take it 3 times a day with breakfast/PWO/evening meal\nfeel very strong on this and "harder" in terms of apperance \nsuppose getting stronger = lifting more weight. \nIts helped me burst through a plateau.\nIm gonna start taking 4-5 aday after next week to see if a noticable changes happen"

- (02 / Jan / 2009)


"not quite as impressive as the hype suggests,however taking methoxy,hmb night cap noticed pleasing gains in lasting size,lovely definition and a good pump......could just be me,but noticed improved mental focus too.(wont beat your mate on "roids though")..nik"

- (13 / Oct / 2008)


Product does nothing for me which is a shame. oh well its a learning experience! \nMaybe I should suffer the bad Body Odor and stick with the creatine!

- (09 / Aug / 2008)


tried these tablets and nothing much happened ate well put seemed to put fat on round the waist these are nowhere near good as hmb which made I'm harder and also reduced body fat

- (12 / Jun / 2008)


"Using this for the first time, I had an open mind about. But within one week I had put 5Kg on all 3 major lifts. I have just ordered my second bottle. My tip: Lift Big, lift heavy, eat good and grow with this stuff.\n\n"

- (03 / Jun / 2008)


Increased my intensity in the gym with a bit of aggression while i was doing it. feel harder and more pumped up all week which is an ego boost as well as a motivator. Works wonders for my sex drive aswel!

- (17 / Apr / 2008)


I am sure they use this for plumping up cattle for show in agriculture!\n

- (23 / Feb / 2008)


"I noticed big gains in size when on Methox. good strength increases too. I gave it 4.5 stars because it's a bit pricey, maybe thats just me being cheap. Either way, this is good stuff, big lean mass gains."

- (17 / Feb / 2008)


ive tried methoxy and there is adifference feel harder allweek long ive not tried methoxy on its own had it with trib and zinc & mag finished the course im now on acourse of zinc i found a big diference not so good methoxy does give you that affect we are all looking for big em

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