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Food Intolerance Test



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According to Allergy UK, as many as 45% of the population suffers from food intolerance which, whilst not life threatening, can make all aspects of life very uncomfortable for sufferers. Our Food Intolerance Test is an easy to use kit designed to provide you with a personal food intolerance profile, and to help you make dietary modifications to optimize your health and performance.

The Lorisian 50 and Lorisian 75 food intolerance test kits provide you with everything required to take a small finger-prick sample of blood, which is then sent in the pre-paid return envelope for raised food-specific IgG antibody analysis. Within ten working days of receipt of your sample the results will be delivered direct to your door. Our personalised results pack includes comprehensive test results and a guide book explaining the principles of treating food intolerance by eliminating certain foods from your diet. The Food Intolerance Test will assess for raised food-specific IgG antibodies against some of the most common food intolerances from each of the major food groups- Grains, Dairy, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Herbs and Spices.

The Lorisian 50 will test for 50 specific allergies including Wheat, Gluten, Cow’s Milk, Nuts, Egg and Yeast; whilst the Lorisian 75 will test for a further 25 allergies including Peanuts, Barley, Corriander, Cumin and Hops. For a full list of tested food allergies please see the attached files at the bottom of the page.

Product Reviews - 2 reviews

Extremely Helpful

- (30 / May / 2014)


I used this test and found out I'm intolerant to Dairy and Gluten. Now I know to avoid it. I've ate both my whole life as well. Highly recommend, I gave 4 star because when the box came it was extremely dusty. Bit weird but oh well!

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- (25 / Dec / 2012)


"My girlfriend made me get this, never having really suffered 'symptoms' from what ever I eat I did it mostly to keep her happy, and cause it worked for her (and I'll admit it really has made a massive change to her) but like I said I've never had a problem so didn't expect to come back to anything. I was dairy and hops. Which I guess explains why I can drink my body weight in vodca, whiskey or wine and be perfectly cherpy the next day (much to my girlfriends annoyance) but even one bottle of beer will stop me from a good workout for the better part of a week. Dairy is in everything... and I'd not have managed if it wasn't for her forcing me through the first month. But now... I'll admit, i I've got more energy, I can push harder and longer at the gym, I eat less. I've always been able to put on muscle without even trying, but I could never loose much fat, it's something I've always disliked about my self, and i'll admit more than one relationship has ended badly because of it. But the last few months I feel I,m making progress... it's not falling off me, it's work... but for the first time, I'm making progress on fat loss... while still keeping up my fitness and training. "

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