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Weight Loss Bundle


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The Weight Loss Bundle has been designed to help you increase the amount of fat you can burn both during exercise and at rest. Used by anyone who wants to reduce their overall body fat percentage, this particular bundle contains ingredients proven to help mobilise and burn the body’s fat stores when used in conjunction with an effective exercise routine. Furthermore, the quantity of each supplement has been specifically selected to ensure your body has the exact amount of nutrients it needs to lower body fat levels effectively, for an entire month.

More precisely looking at every individual supplement included in the Fat Loss Bundle, each product has been chosen based on their individual ability to increase the amount of fat your body is able to burn. But when the supplements are taken together in the combination found in this bundle, the benefits and results are proven to be even greater. Specifically the bundle contains; Impact Diet Whey to help reduce hunger, Thermopure to increase the amount of fat you can burn during exercise, Omega 3 to reduce the amount of fat your able to store, CLA to build lean muscle and reduce body fat, Daily Vitamins to help overall well-being and an MP MAX® Blender Bottle to mix all the individual ingredients in.

At amazing value for money, The Weight Loss Bundle can either used by those who have experienced a plateau in their fat loss goals or by those new to training who need a purposely designed supplement routine to help them lose fat.

Also as well as including the most advanced fat loss supplements on the market, the bundle contains a specifically developed protein formula created to suppress appetite, regulate blood sugar levels therefore reduce cravings and lastly increase the metabolism so you continue to burn more calories even when at rest.

To help you see how The Weight Loss Bundle could be used, we have put together an example of a daily supplement plan:

2 Omega 3 softgels
2 CLA softgels

2 Omega 3 softgels

Pre Workout Shake
2-3 Thermopure tabs


Post Workout Shake
58g Impact Diet Whey
1 Daily Vits

2 Omega 3 softgels

Impact Diet Whey (Double Chocolate flavour, 1450g): A precision blend of premium ingredients designed to help you burn body fat.

Thermopure (90 caps): A potent thermogenic blend which promotes fat loss and an increase in energy and vitality.

Omega 3 1000mg (90 softgels) Healthy fish oils which are essential for a number of normal bodily functions including brain & cardiovascular function.

CLA (60 caps): Research proven free fatty acid to build lean muscle and reduce body fat.

Daily Vitamins (60 tablets): Comprehensive multi-vitamin designed to increase overall well-being and prevent vitamin deficiency in your diet.

Myprotein Blender Bottle (600ml): The Myprotein Blender Bottle is the most advanced sports supplement bottle on the market today, helping you to mix your individual sports supplements with minimal effort.


Product Reviews - 2 reviews

Other flavours Please!

- (19 / Aug / 2013)


Great bundle at a great price. Effective results as part as an active dietary plan. Agree with the dude above re tablet amounts so I bought more CLA at the same time. This would be a 5 star bundle if you could choose your Whey Protein flavour, I am not a fan of chocolate flavour products :(

Goes Well With:

Water, Skimmed Milk...Exercise

Almost brilliant

- (19 / Jun / 2013)


I lost a lot of body fat and I've become a lot leaner since I stared using this Weight Loss Bundle. The only problem though is that some tablets run out before the whole thing finishes. Overall this has definitely given me the energy to keep to my goals.

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