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Lean Essentials Bundle



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The Lean Essentials Bundle has been created to provide supreme nutritional products at an outstanding price which will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass while an individual is on a weight loss exercise programme.

Lean definition bundle consists of:

Impact Whey Protein

•1kg, Chocolate Smooth

•A rich source of whey protein concentrate that will contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Creatine Monohydrate

•250 grams

•Increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise.

•Take 5g prior to exercise


•90 tabs

•A thermogenic blend of potential fat loss ingredients

Daily Vitamins

•60 tablets

•A comprehensive multi-vitamin designed to increase overall well-being and prevent vitamin deficiency in your diet


Bundle RRP based on total price of individual product RRPs.

Product Reviews - 11 reviews

- (19 / May / 2014)


Not had long enough on this yet for it to take effect but the whey protein is the bees knees! Best tasting protein I have ever had and I've tried all different makes. Will be coming back for more!

Goes Well With:


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- (25 / Apr / 2014)


I purchased this just over 1 month ago and i found the bundle to be a good starting point for the amateur gym enthusiast. The impact whey protein, providing you put the fluid in the (myprotein) mixer first, mixes well with both water or milk however the smooth chocolate flavour after 3 weeks got a bit bland and now is a bit sickening after nearly 5 weeks. The "creatine monohydrate" mixes well with impact whey protein. I found the "thermopure" to make me sweat more when in the gym.

Goes Well With:

Water - Milk - Sensible Food and Drink Diet - Regular Gym Routine

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- (31 / Mar / 2014)


All taste well ,quick delivery just gonna wait on results only down side is I ordered strawberry but was sent chocolate other then that mixes well and no complaints

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delivery !

- (07 / Mar / 2014)


Cannot fault how quick I received this bunddle ! Ordered Mondat came by Wednesday ! Haven't really had a good week on this yet but reading some of the reviews and doing some research into the products I'm sure that it will get me where I want to be. impact whey is the best I've ever tasted ! Happy days

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How much

- (02 / Mar / 2014)


I'm looking to buy this bundle to help me get lean for the summer but was wondering if anyone could tell me how many serving you get out of the protein. Just so I have some idea how lone the course last. Thank you

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Effective and great value for money

- (26 / Oct / 2013)


I bought this bundle just over a week ago. I am an extremely overweight female (8 stone plus to lose!). I was initially calorie counting and had lost over a stone but then the weight just wasn't coming off despite being incredibly strict and going to the gym (cardio and heavy weights) 4-5 times per week. Frustrated, I bought this bundle, stopped calorie counting and switched to a clean eating plan. The shake mixes very well. I only tend to have one to two daily but I find it really tasty and easy to drink (although perhaps its a little bit too sweet). I don't have much to say about the multivitamin, does what it says on the tin I guess. I felt the thermopure tablets made the greatest difference. I have so much more energy in the gym and sweat buckets. I feel like I can really do much more than I previously could. It weird I feel really motivated once I take these, it really gives you a great energy boost. If you look at the price of these tablets alone then really the bundle is great value for money. I can't speak for the creatinine as I haven't used it (my husband uses this). Anyway in one week I have lost 8 pounds! I am delighted and it really has given me the boost I need to push ahead with my (rather overwhelming!) weight loss goals. Arguably, a few different factors have probably contributed to this weight loss i.e. change in diet, however I do feel the bundle gave me the extra support I needed to achieve this. Hopefully I will come back in a few months time with some more good news!

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Very good bundle

- (07 / Oct / 2013)


I bought this as my goal is to try and cut fat. I'll start with the protein first - this is helping and results are definitely being gained. The taste is good too but is incredibly sweet, use more liquid, milk or chuck a cup of black coffee in there. I received chocolate smooth flavour and mixes fantastically. Creatine - gains are definately being noticed and mixes really well with the protein as it's tasteless. Multivitamins - they do what they do, I'm feeling healthier in myself and as a rule I always take just before dinner. Goes well with any drink. Thermopure - not had the bundle long so haven't noticed much gains yet with the thermopure. It does give slight heartburn and makes me sweat a lot more at the gym. Apart from that they seem really good. I will definitely be getting this again.

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Lean Essentials Bundle

- (06 / May / 2013)


I needed a quick boost for my summer body, so tried the Lean Essentials Bundle. I'm 2 weeks into it so far, and I've seen pretty effective results. I'm looking leaner, which I'm assuming this is mostly the thermopure, and I'm looking bigger thanks to the creatine and the protein. There's little aching after long workouts - previously where I used to ache, there is now little pain. I've lost 3kg of fat in roughly 2 weeks. Ultimately, this package is brilliant, but does require work. My workouts are strenuous, with little breaks. My strength has mostly stayed the same, but I guess we will see a change in the long run. Overall I'd recommend this product. The protein goes so well with milk, and actually makes a great substitute for those craving chocolate. However, if you are more overweight, then have it with water, as it still tastes good, but just not on the same level. As milk contains a relatively high amount of natural sugars, for fastest results perhaps just have it with water.

Goes Well With:

Milk, complex carbs, and lots more protein!

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Good Value Bundle

- (28 / Apr / 2013)


The protein mixes well with just a shaker. The creatine mohydrate does the job. I'm not too sure the thermopure is adding value other than getting me a bit hotter and sweatier during cardio. I have been training for a few months without any supplements and after starting this bundle I can definitely see a change/progression in the results, so I think it is working for me. As said in a previous review though, the size of the bundle is my only issue. A bundle with everything a little bigger would be better for me. But it is good value for money and good starter bundle for anyone wanting to try out the Myprotein products. I'll definitely be using Myprotein again.

Goes Well With:

Impact whey goes well with Milk or water. Creatine mohydrate goes well with grape juice/water.

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Excellent Stuff

- (23 / Apr / 2013)


The protein in the Lean Essentials Bundle itself is a fantastic product and I've enjoyed it and has a really nice smooth taste. It blends well, shakes well and doesn't come out lumpy. Thermopure tablets - I haven't had much use for them so can't comment on them. Creatine is a great product and includes instructions on how to use / cycle it which is nice. It mixes well and does the job. As a person that prefers powder creatine I really liked this touch to the bundle. Daily Vitamins - simple, does what it says on the tin, 1 a day, no problem, saves having to buy other multivitamins. Overall, a fantastic bundle! Would buy again for sure but would want a bigger quantity of the protein so may buy the 5kg bag as it runs out quite quick if you're like me and have at least 3 scoops a day. 10 out of 10!

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- (05 / Apr / 2013)


Really good product. The Impact Whey and Creatine Monohydrate mix well together and taste good. The Thermopure, I feel, helps. I recommend a dose of 3 tablets before exercise. You do get a little hotter during exercise but overall I feel it helps when combined with a decent exercise programme. Its not a magic pill however, so effort is required. Overall, I feel the bundle is a great price and you can start to see a difference over time.

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